Friday, April 16, 2010

Grateful Dead, Iceland Volcano, Kochi IPL Franchise

Air travel in Europe is severely disrupted with volcanic ash all over the skies above and east of Iceland.  Each passing hour tales of woe are being reported as airlines call off flights and routes.  An interesting take on passenger rights out here.

Back at home, the franchise for the Kochi IPL team was auctioned to a firm called Rendezvous Sports for over $330 million. This was soon followed by a scandal that had Lalit Modi, Shashi Tharoor, a friend of Shashi Tharoor, Narendra Modi, Harshad Mehta, and the Income Tax Department of the Govt of India popping up all over the media.

At such times, one can only look forward to the release of the 1989 JFK Stadium Grateful Dead concert.  Read a review here.

 On the weekend, plan to try making some sriracha or harissa.  A good sriracha recipe is here.  Harissa is simpler to make, and this is one of the better recipes I came across.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Hendrix, Indian Ocean, Madonna, Lucky Ali!!

Before you can say Stieg Larsson, the weekend is over.  This week was all about Hendrix and Valleys of Neptune, Madonna and Sweet and Sticky, and Lucky Ali's newest unpronounceable album.

Last Sunday I got to watch a real cool film called Leaving Home, about the 19 years of the band Indian Ocean.  It was inspiring to see this group of musicians' faith in themselves and insistence on doing what they believed is right.

Writing a review of Valleys of Neptune proved a nightmare and I ended up slobbering like a lovestruck teenager.  Have been driving the neighbors nuts with the fuzz and the offkey vocals blasting at all hours.

The structuring of Madonna's sweet and sticky is almost classical in its precision.  Like vintage wine, she crafts a performance that provokes and stimulates, challenges and soothes.  Lucky Ali remains his dopey mellow self, and there is nothing in Xsuie that is significantly different from his other beautiful wallflower music.

Sticky & Sweet Tour [Blu-ray]

Friday, April 9, 2010


Really tired of being nice and proper, of speaking and writing nice professional politically correct gender neutral etiquette laden nonsense.  Even April 1 has become a sacred crow, no one pulls a nasty one any more.  Been holding my neck in for nearly 200 weeks.  Now that the knives are out, decided to write and speak and be the way I was meant to be.  Music it any way you like.

Of course, this means I cease from this point to have significant others or family or home, since the moment anyone significant other enough to me reads this, they will rush to disown me, being fully aware of the consequences of me being me, even if only in a flogpost.

Hyderabad continues to sizzle, not just from the hottest March of decades and poorest retail quarter, but also from the manufactured communal disturbance that has caused a good part of the old (read real) city to be placed under curfew.  The spirit of the city is obvious in the older citizens who ride their scooters out past the armed forces, waving to them, and mumbling a back in five through a mouthful of pan.  It all started with a squabble over saffron flags and green flags.  Wonder if they could make out from the blood on the streets if it was saffron blood or green.

The IT/ITES segment got into their process best and got the government to issue passes to BPO and IT workers.  Not very sure if I should have told the cabbie to take out his pass when he drove into an angry crowd of brick throwing youth at the end of a narrow lane.  The fact that he just reversed like a stuntman and got us out alive was good enough reason to spend the rest of the shift trembling in beer.

At work, going bonkers trying to get in warm bodies (little brain added bonus) to join a training program for a career that takes time and patience to build, and doesn't pay the bucks that a call center or even a hotel receptionist's job does.  Don't know if I should laugh or cry when I am faced with comments like, "And how much do you pay an office boy in that case?"

A recent conversation with a friend who is trying to make a living from writing revolved around the fact that people should have a take away from reading what you write.  A take away, a return gift for coming to your little adult party!  What is your take away from this interaction?  The three big take aways from the training program were... dah dah dah.  I guess you are waiting for your take away for having read till here.  Okay, here it comes, from Bodhisattva Never Begrudging, a simple and easy guide to making your own marmalade

Beat that if you can!  I know I will!


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