Saturday, April 10, 2010

Hendrix, Indian Ocean, Madonna, Lucky Ali!!

Before you can say Stieg Larsson, the weekend is over.  This week was all about Hendrix and Valleys of Neptune, Madonna and Sweet and Sticky, and Lucky Ali's newest unpronounceable album.

Last Sunday I got to watch a real cool film called Leaving Home, about the 19 years of the band Indian Ocean.  It was inspiring to see this group of musicians' faith in themselves and insistence on doing what they believed is right.

Writing a review of Valleys of Neptune proved a nightmare and I ended up slobbering like a lovestruck teenager.  Have been driving the neighbors nuts with the fuzz and the offkey vocals blasting at all hours.

The structuring of Madonna's sweet and sticky is almost classical in its precision.  Like vintage wine, she crafts a performance that provokes and stimulates, challenges and soothes.  Lucky Ali remains his dopey mellow self, and there is nothing in Xsuie that is significantly different from his other beautiful wallflower music.

Sticky & Sweet Tour [Blu-ray]

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