Friday, May 14, 2010

Hotter than Hell

It is one of the "warmest" Mays ever recorded across the country.  I really agree, it is so warm that the TV weatherpeople have forgotten that this warm is called hot.  It is so warm that I would get a zero if I were writing an essay that were to be evaluated for expression and organization.

It was very hot in 1966 too.  I was less than a year old (there goes!!) when the Beatles claimed they were more popular than Jesus Christ, and it took the Catholic church this long to forgive them for it.  The Church (and I dont mean just the Roman Catholic church or the christian church, I mean all religious organizations) has some kind of karmic debt of apologizing for things that could have been avoided getting het up about in the first place.  Funny that if it (the fact that the beatles didnt know then that "jesus christ" throws up 34 million results on a google search today, compared to 27 million for "the beatles") was forgivable in 2008, which meant it was forgivable in 1966, wasnt it a real huge burden of resentment and hatred for the community to be carrying for these long years, passing it on from one generation to another? 
Abbey Road (Remastered)
Funny how human beings can hold on to their ego and pride, their insistence on winning and their stubbornness, even when it means the denial of the happiness that life invites us to.  The Beatles, that same year, also had to backtrack on the Yesterday and Today album cover art.  And all of this was at a time when the Beatles were on the verge of breaking up.  The Beatles, through their work and their lives, made all of us think real hard about everything, to question everything, to disagree with what was incorrect even when faced with the harshest of opposition for doing so.  We really need to compare notes about The Beatles some day.  But back to 1966 now.
Beatles Yesterday and Today Butcher Cover 18x23 Poster
It was very hot in 1966.  There was no Nobel Prize for peace awarded.  The world was in a lot of turmoil and a lot of people the world over were protesting against war and violence.  The 60s are known for the peace movement, the anti war protests, for the hippies, and of course, for Woodstock.  Billy Joel's We didnt start the fire talks about this time in a nice way.
An American Prayer

In India, Indira Gandhi came to power in January that year, setting in motion an era that was marked by immense development and global eminence for our young republic.  She was the only woman Prime Minister we have had, and her life is as tragic as it is one replete with heroic achievements.  Of course, she is (and perhaps will for ever be) better known for the dark days of the emergency, 1975 to 1977, when in her greed for power she chose to suppress the spirit of dissent among the people, and inflicted the most horrific measures to deny the democratic process.  While India emerged as a superpower and a global leader under her prime ministership, we also saw the darkest days under her rule.  One of the voices that gave a lot of us hope during those dark days was that of Jayprakash Narain, whom Sensei Ikeda met when he visited India.

It was very hot in 1966.  It touched 45.5 degrees in Hyderabad in 1966, and to date it has never gotten that hot ever.  This year, it is close to 45 days now that the temperature has stayed over (or just under) 40 degrees.  The last couple of days it has been playing with 44 degrees.  You know the rules, they haven't changed, but they are getting more important to follow with the year-on-year rise in summer temperatures. 

And in a week that was hot and depressing, what better task can we master than how to cut a pineapple.  I thought this was a good one from this master food writer, and it did inflict deep injuries to my pineapple cutting theory.

Hotter Than Hell

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