Saturday, October 2, 2010

Ayodhya, John Lennon, Common Wealth and Peepli Live

This time around, we, the people, won. Common wealth did fundamentalist politicking in.

Ayodhya was remembered,18 years? no, 60 years?  no, many, many Ramadans later, and on this Shawwal Thursday evening, after the text and the subtext had been pored over, young and old alike gathered, outside places of worship, at addas, on phone and online, and at homes and teashops, with friends, family, neither Christmas nor Easter but surely thanksgiving, some sad, some mad, many afraid, and a good number glad.  A step ahead leaves a lot behind.  

Peepli Live , the Oscar shortlist, and the common wealth were discussed over weekend experiments with the top recipes at Zaiqa's The Hyderabadi Ramadan Food Festival  Season II Roundup.  

Peepli [Live] (Aamir Khan Productions - New Hindi Film / Bollywood Movie / Indian Cinema DVD)

Powerbrokers of religion  / (religions), instead of helping bring about peace have been using the vulnerability of a suffering and growingly questioning people to hard sell (when you feel beaten much any kind of sell works) their wares.  This time round, the people chilled and did not buy.  

And this time, the people won in peace.  To see the bulk sms free weekend's news stories,  click here.

John Lennon turns 70 this October.  Twitters on, he does!! One truly wonders what he would have tweeted today.  The only two people who have never died are John Lennon and Prasad Guha.  Like Elvis’ ghost, they pop up at hours of darkness and in cloudy harvest moon nights.  Lennon managed to not "achieve" what Hendrix, Joplin and Jim Morrison did, but he couldn't not get shot either.  But as luck would have it, he didn't die, he couldn't, and never will.  

For those who never knew Prasad, I cannot be of much help, sorry, and for those who know Lennon a little, here is something that I wrote for his 70th birthday on October 9, 2010.  If you are reading this a long time later, (I know, some ears are longer than some other ears.) and the post is lost somewhere at the bottom of the page, this is a more current link.

I got to watch All That Jazz and Breathless (without subtitles and that was fun too) during the week itself, couldn't keep the files on the disc till later.

I reaffirm not intending to discuss faith healing, charismatic prayer meetings, lucky charms, and exorcism at this point in time.

Ramapada Chowdhury won an International Award. That link is an ad, Don't click it.  I intend to find something that's better than that listing of his work.  Readers' help welcome.  A curious hat off to him for an amazing life. 

What maddeningly kind skill can we learn this week?

Waste time.  Just not your own.

Something like a sitemap.  (zero timewaste.  so here.)


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