Sunday, February 13, 2011

Simple UIs for Gmail and Calendar

I switched to google docs several years back and a holiday at the end of the year prompted me to go entirely off a hard drive.  I struggled for a week, like a heroin addict left with nothing but expired ritalin, but have now got comfortable, and you can read about my struggles elsewhere on the sidebars or archives.

One niggling issue was the interfaces being cluttered with ads, which look even more overpowering in full screen mode.  I have exhausted all that labs and settings have to offer me on all my google interfaces, and am reasonably convinced that I lose no productive time or effort due to these widgets and options.  I am should read I was, since this was true only till I discovered Minimalist for Gmail and soon after for Google Calendar.

I had already stripped my searches and added fasterfox refinements and other goodies, but my mail still came with bulky sidebars and headers and footers, which minimalist handled very efficiently and I cannot wait for the same features for reader and docs.

The reason I wrote this post was how I felt after seeing a friend post a screenshot of a google search for "love" with a sidebar ad from ebay offering it guaranteed cheap, new and used, and fastest delivery.  I don't have the opportunity to see ads or even the print and expand/collapse menus anymore.  And I like it.

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