Sunday, August 14, 2011

Is Abadi really Barbadi?

I have a thing about 3G. As if the struggles that the common man is being subjected to by an indifferent and arrogant set of "elected representatives" is not enough, the latest inroads by 3G threaten to eat into family time as well. Computer and Internet addiction have already been receiving much attention as causing severe damage to our social structure, but an unhappy Abhishek at every street corner? Things couldn't have gotten worse. But on a serious note, it is perhaps not right to point a finger at the population figures as the cause for our downfall or barbadi.  It is the demographic numbers that have placed India at the cutting edge of outsourced business processes. It is the numbers that make us droolworthy to global exporters and retailers. And it is the numbers that will see the downfall of the few who have exploited their positions over the last several decades to corner wealth, to abuse natural resources, and to steal what belongs to each one of us Indians.


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