Friday, September 30, 2011

My Favorite Photography Hacks

One of the things that I learned these last few years as I started studying and working with professional photographers is that a lot of the creative mystery behind those amazing photographs that you see is really not that mysterious. A large part of it comes from the years and years of experience that results in a high level of mastery. The body, the mind, and the eye have become experts at working together with the scene and the camera to get it right with a minimum number of NG exposures. The other factor is that we rarely get to see or know about the ratio of NG exposures behind a good photographer's work. Typically, for creative work, the great masters aim for a ratio of under 1:10.

However, the one thing that came as a simultaneous relief and a disappointment was the fact that a lot of the clever pictures that you see are really the application of some simple hacks, some of it theoretical, some of it technical. Here are ten favorite photography hacks over at the BornTechie site along with examples of how they turn out.

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