Thursday, October 6, 2011

Deconstructing the new Kindle Line-up from Amazon

Amazon has just commenced on one of the most unusual launch blitzes and product line promotion with the new Kindles. Kindle has been at the forefront of Amazon's growth strategy for a while now, and the new line up of new old Kindles, the Kindle Touch, the Kindle Fire, and the Silk browser, is only a reaffirmation of that strategy. For the consumer or the prospective buyer though, things can get a little confusing. Added to this is the neat marketing trick of free unlimited unrestricted wireless 3G on the keyboard version but restricted access on the touchscreen version.

Here are two articles over at Gizmowatch that breaks down the hype about the new Kindles and puts out all that you need to know in simple terms.

If your question is "which Kindle should I buy?," read this article.

If you want the lowdown on the Kindle Touch 3G and the free unlimited wireless, read this article.

If you have figured out which one you want to buy, click on the links below to directly go to the product page on Amazon for more details.

Kindle Keyboard, WiFi

Kindle Keyboard, 3G

Kindle Fire, WiFi

Kindle Touch, 3G

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