Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thappad Se Dar Nahi Lagta SahibKo

Do politicians slap the public when they don't get elected? No, they wait till they get elected and then slap the public by taxing them for non-existent governance and public services while funds are siphoned off through not so intelligent scams. Was there any need to slap the man who likes endosulfan? Did it make any difference either to prices or to him? Would two or more have made a difference? Does it put the image of ministers at risk any more than having half a dozen of them in jail does? Very difficult questions to answer indeed.

The media is all caught up getting people to condemn the incident of Saheb being slapped by a man protesting in his own way against corruption and rising prices. Other than politicians worried that they might be next on the nameless angry citizen's list, they are not able to get too many ordinary people to come out and condemn the incident without a big grin on their face. They managed to get Anna Hazare to strongly condemn it, but he too messed it up by adding a "just one slap?" question to his condemnation. They looked for cadres from the NCP but they were too busy organizing protest bandhs and rallies in Kohlapur and elsewhere in Maharashtra. Cyrus Broacha was available but everyone knows that he is an out and out sympathizer of the man, so they left him out too.

The "greatness" of the political classes was demonstrated by the man himself and his daughter, when they took to the TV channels within minutes of the incident and requested the media and the public to forget the incident and move forward. Great what, you ask? How can you? If your family member had been slapped on live national television, would you also not have done the same?

Friday, November 18, 2011

When is the Facebook IPO coming?

Zuckerberg has always been open about his reluctance to take Facebook to an IPO. However, with the growing number of investors and the SEC limits on shareholders, it was a given that it would have to happen sometime, and now, it looks like sometime soon.

While earlier speculation hinted at a mid 2012 date, with numbers escalating, it seems that the new year might see Facebook filing an S1. The reason the Facebook IPO is a keenly followed development is not just to see how the markets view the value of this internet giant, but also because of the stocks and options held by employees who have been waiting for an IPO to see it turn into real money. Facebook valuation has pretty much doubled every couple of years in the last few years, and many of the employees would become millionaire if they were able to cash their options in.


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