Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Samsung Galaxy Note: Phablet or Tabone?

A review of the Galaxy Note by a technology fanatic and an avid reader of this blog, Dr. Ramesh Grandhi.
You can call it what you want but the Samsung Galaxy Note is a winner all the way, it has succeeded in capturing the attention of cell phone enthusiasts while similar devices like the Dell Streak have fallen by the wayside.

The Note’s incredible sleek looks, the Super AMOLED screen that is such a visual delight, and the host of other highly advanced specifications really make it a worthwhile buy. The ease with which it has bridged the gap between a phone and a tablet is remarkable. For someone like me who wanted both a smart phone and a tablet, the Note was a Godsend. I am no geek or nerd and this was the first smart phone I bought and I can without any hesitation say that I am glad I bought it. I have not seen other phones like the IPhone 4S so I will not be able to give my view on how the Note would compare with it. I have, however, seen the IPhone 3GS and though the 3GS is an older generation phone, the Note would blow it away.

The S-Pen, which I thought was a glorified stylus, does bring incredible value to the phone and using it is a pleasure. The S Planner and the S Memo too are pretty useful.

Having mentioned all the positive features, I would be most remiss if I did not mention the not so positive ones. The battery, even though it is the biggest one in the business, does not last more than 10-12 hours of decent usage. While its size really helps in browsing the net, playing games, or using the S-Pen for preparing memos or notes it is a bit unwieldy if you want to use it as a phone—it is not impossible to use but if you are like me a small boned person it can be slightly cumbersome. The Android Market while it is expanding rapidly will take quite sometime before it can catch up with the Apple store. But the fact that it need not be tethered like the Apple devices to Itunes is really welcome.

I guess it doesn’t need a genius to decide that the Galaxy Note is here to stay, and if Samsung makes sure that the OS update to Ice cream Sandwich happens soon, there will be even more buyers.


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