Saturday, February 11, 2012

Android Phones Below 5000 Rs

Here is a quick checklist for those who are wanting to buy one of the new lines of sub $100 (<5000 Rs) Android phones. While they may look attractive, you have to consider your needs and the features and power that these phones come with. Here are the top five things you want to keep in mind when you consider buying a Android phone in the sub 5000 Rs range.

1. These phones are an obvious compromise on features and processing power. You will be buying a mid-range phone, but that is not at all hard to learn to live with.
2. Most of these phones offer you a smaller screen size as well as compromise on display quality. Some of them even come with the older IR touch screens.
3. You will be getting a 600 MHz range processor. This, however, is more than adequate for most phone computing needs.
4. Cameras in the sub $100 Android phones segment are way behind what you will get on other camera phones. The other thing that you will need to keep in mind is that while they may boast of high megapixel number, the sensor might not be up to the job of creating quality photographs worthy of 3-5 megapixels.
5. Contracts are built into most of these phones, so be careful to read the fine print and evaluate the longer term cost of ownership. Want to root or jailbreak? Another post altogether!! For more details head over to the detailed post at Cellphone Beat.

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Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Yoga of Ulysses

The magic of natural growth is that it often results in a more beautiful outcome than something bred in a petri dish of strategy and intent. I am amazed at how this blog has evolved from being a compendium of my posts across my other blogs into a blog that is focused on social, political, and professional development with a readership that is large and to a great extent unique from my other blogs. Much of this credit must go to Dr. Ramesh Grandhi, a popular writer (and artist!!) and frequent frier both here and at Subho's Jejune Diet. As many of you may have noticed, this blog has been updated entirely with his contributions over the last couple of months.

These recent posts on The Curious Hat has attracted much greater readership and interaction than any of the earlier posts. This has carried home to me the power of collaboration and blogging for peace and awareness. The parents of this brief post are my gratitude to Dr. Ramesh Grandhi and the agenbite of inwit for having been unable to contribute to this blog in the recent past.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Rafale Trumps the Typhoon: A Closer Look

Champagne corks are popping in Elysee Palace as Nicolas Sarkozy gets a welcome breather in his campaign for getting re-elected to the French Presidency. That India will have to sign a check for 54000 crores to help him along is what concerns me.

The Rafale has trumped the Eurofighter Typhoon, and if it is indeed the better fighter as our Defense sources say then there is nothing at all to be worried about. There is absolutely no gainsaying the fact that the Air Force should get the best MMRCAs we can buy. With the economic upswing over the last decade we can afford that easily.

What troubles Dr. Ramesh Grandhi, a revered and very popular guest at Subho's Jejune Diet and The Curious Hat, is that factors other than pure excellence of the craft ‘might’ have played a role.


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