Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Yoga of Ulysses

The magic of natural growth is that it often results in a more beautiful outcome than something bred in a petri dish of strategy and intent. I am amazed at how this blog has evolved from being a compendium of my posts across my other blogs into a blog that is focused on social, political, and professional development with a readership that is large and to a great extent unique from my other blogs. Much of this credit must go to Dr. Ramesh Grandhi, a popular writer (and artist!!) and frequent frier both here and at Subho's Jejune Diet. As many of you may have noticed, this blog has been updated entirely with his contributions over the last couple of months.

These recent posts on The Curious Hat has attracted much greater readership and interaction than any of the earlier posts. This has carried home to me the power of collaboration and blogging for peace and awareness. The parents of this brief post are my gratitude to Dr. Ramesh Grandhi and the agenbite of inwit for having been unable to contribute to this blog in the recent past.

Here is a glimpse of what I have been up to in this time for those (all of five people!!) who have missed me on The Curious Hat. Enjoy these three posts from the recent past on my other blogs!

1. Stop Searching for Happiness
2. Warming up for Yoga
3. What are you made of?

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