Thursday, June 13, 2013

A Kitchens of India Weekend Party

Friends and family have both been redefined for me over and over during the course of my life. This thought struck me as I decided to write about a weekend party for friends and family. Today, my friends and family are those who accept me as I am, who stay in touch in spite of their hectic lives, who worry if I don’t respond to their calls or emails, who encourage me in the dreams I pursue. Somehow, the friends and family that I have today challenge the conventional definition. These are people I have met as I chose to find meaning, and to create meaning with my life and - you know who you are – this post, this virtual party is for you.

Where shall the party be? We live in a very small apartment in the middle of the city. We chose this place after a huge search. It is small and airy, and we have a zoo on our neighbors terrace that we can view from our balcony. We have cane seating that has nails sticking out so that no one gets too comfortable. And we keep open minds most days of the week. This is where the party shall be.

What shall we do about ambience and entertainment? Nothing, since the friends who will be there are ambience and entertainment by themselves. Regardless of whether they have received any formal education or are doctorates, whether they live in Jubilee Hills or in the slums of Masjid Gali, Punjagutta, whether they like Allu Arjun or Tom Hanks, my family and friends are electricity. They radiate love for life, hope for the future, and faith in the goodness of man. There is nothing I can do for ambience or entertainment that can dim their brightness.

The food will be a basic Hyderabadi Biryani and a Mutton Kohlapuri for the meat eaters, and a Vegetable Biryani and Paneer Makhani for the vegetarians. On any other day, M would be up early morning to get the food preparations underway, but since this virtual party is for a post for Indiblogger, we will go with the ready mixes from Kitchens of India and use them with other ingredients like long grained rice, home made paneer chunks, ten pieces of chicken per bird, and a mix of shoulder and shank pieces. The meat and the chicken will be from Yousuf bhai’s stall at Punjagutta, easily the best place in town.

Kitchens of India also has a fine range of conserves & chutneys that might make it to the table if anyone is up to it after the feast. And if you liked what you saw here, you might want to try out their range of ready to eat dishes too. You can search for it yourself.



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