Friday, July 12, 2013

Become an Eco-Family: How to save water in the home

Even those of us who live in the city don't need reminding that India's water supply is endangered and that water pollution prevention is incredibly important. But families can find it tricky to minimise their water usage. However, a busy household can still save gallons per year by implementing a few small changes – and even some bigger changes, if you have the resources. Here's how to go about becoming a super-efficient eco-family with very little effort at all.

In the kitchen

Modern kitchens often have two sinks, so to cut down on water waste while washing dishes, fill one sink for rinsing, or simply place dishes on the rack and wash away the suds with a pan of water. You could also use a spare sink for soaking burnt-on food stains or grease, without changing loads of water every few minutes. Households with one sink can still set aside a basin or bucket full of water for soaking.


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