Saturday, February 28, 2015

Beginners Guide to Remodeling a House!

Making a home out of a house is no easy venture. Home is where we create lifelong memories with our family. Life is even more beautiful when we have our dream house, one which is lovingly decorated; a comfortable lounge with potted plants, a cushioned seat by the window where we curl up with a book; a hot shower in a designer washroom; a state-of-the-art kitchen or that pink or blue room where our kids go into a slumber of rosy dreams.

The globe-trotting suave generation of Indians are on a remodeling spree to suit modern urban lifestyle. Renovating a house is a mammoth task that is easier said than done. In a bid to keep up with the latest trends in styling a home, we tend to go overboard with designs as well as finance. Replacing old structures and fixtures requires strategic planning and professional intervention. To get the best out of this expensive investment on domestic luxury, it would be prudent to look at several factors, from inception to owning a designer nest.  

Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Dr. Ramesh Grandhi sent us this insightful reflection on the recently concluded Republic Day visit by the US President. Enjoy.  

The visit of the POTUS and FLOTUS can be deemed an unqualified success. The bonhomie, the first name basis (Modi calling the POTUS, Barak), the pomp and splendor of the Republic day parade, the agreement on the contentious liability clause in the Nuclear deal and the stated desire to provide an impetus to increasing the bilateral trade by a multiple of 5—all these point out that the world’s biggest and most powerful democracies are finally getting their act together.

From PM Modi's earlier visit to the US

A cause for concern is how this new ‘strategic’ partnership will be viewed in China. It is no secret that the US wants to hem it in, make sure it never reaches a stage where it can compete with it for superpower status. All the talk of pivots involving India, Japan, Australia and countries like Vietnam which are suspicious of China’s intentions will naturally raise the hackles of the Chinese. While India has every right to decide on what strategic partners it wants to choose, it is the hope of every Indian that it does so without unnecessarily antagonizing our giant neighbor. That China is ruffled can be easily seen—Pakistan’s Army chief visiting it even while Obama was in India, and the Chinese calling Pakistan an All Weather friend and terming their relationship an irreversible one.


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