Sunday, March 1, 2015

Decluttering Your Kid's Toys

Even before the baby arrives we start to buy things for her and then when she is a month or more the piles of soft toys, rattles and tassels seems never ending. Our infants don’t take a look at these toys till they are about a year or two and yet the endless amount of cute stuff finds itself in every nook and cranny of our homes.

While toys are an important part of growing up, if you are a parent you will notice how easily our children lose their interest for the toys we bought for them just yesterday. Keeping your home clutter free and spacious is not only a gift for yourself but for your child too.

A spacious home is an invitation to calm those nerves, it also is an opportunity to find yourself with your little one playing catch or hide and seek-being up front and centre in their lives.

Here are some simple tips to declutter your kids’ toys:


    Allocate a designated toy area: I have a corner in my spacious living room between two couches where I place all my kids toys. Have a toy zone in your home that is accessible, where your kids can easily reach and grab at the toy they want and can easily put it back. A cupboard in your home may not be an ideal place for all the toys because your little one cannot see them on an everyday basis. Ensure that wherever you place the toys the kids can see them and also clean up easily once they are done. 
    Rotate Toys: you would have observed that if you keep all the toys out for your little ones they often get too overwhelmed by everything and give up on playing with the toys altogether.  Instead of keeping all the toys out for your little ones, observe what the toys are that they are playing currently and box the other ones. Let them play for three weeks with these toys and then take these away and bring out the boxed ones. Not only will this keep their interest in playing with the toys they will also feel a sense of newness every time you take out toys they didn’t see for over a month.  
    Find a local toy library: In many metropolitan cities there are some amazing toy libraries. Join them and bring in one or two new toy a week. This is a great way to keep their interest in playing with the toys and also keeping your home clutter free. I remember once while we were in Delhi visiting my parents, I bought a small slide from the toy library nearby and my daughter was on it every day for hours! We kept the slide for two weeks and had her two other favorite toys to play with. It was her favorite holiday ever!
    Buy bins and plastic draws: Bins and plastic draws are great space savers. Not only are they easily accessible for your kids but you can also it is easy to teach them to clean up when all they have to do is dump their toys in the bin allotted for the toy each time they are done. 
    One day may just not be enough to declutter your kid's toys. You probably don't even have that much
    time. A great way to get started would be to keep a timer for 5 minutes and assign an area to declutter
    and to go at it in the time you have. Use chunks of time like this to keep you motivated to get the job

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